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My kid sister, this blog’s number one fan, chastised me at the breakfast table for not updating. She’s a sweet kid, but she doesn’t know anything about the creative process. An artist does not simply pick up where they left off after they have relocated to a different continent, and, worse than that, started working again.

This move’s temporariness has given me license to be negligent. It is only for a month, I say, and then all will be back to normal. I have worked six days in a row, fifty-five hours, not including the three hours of commuting each day, which is not as bad as it sounds, because that’s when I read.

But it leaves me with little time or energy for writing, which I am still young at, so it takes me a good hour or two to prepare myself to do it. Add to that the three hours of writing and the hour it takes to post, and you see how my days are filled when it looks like I am doing nothing. Now that I am doing something—and a lot of it—it is nearly impossible to do all that not…

The Departed

Anyone still here has gone long past loyal and arrived at creepy. I appreciate it, nonetheless. I made mention before of my traveling plans and now they are commenced. Actually, they’ve mostly happened. I am in New York City, just returned from a road trip to California. Today I started a brief stint at my old workplace, Caravan of Dreams.

I should write something, but I’m tired and I really just want to watch the rest of Slings & Arrows Season 3, which I am terribly fond of and may just motivate me to finally take a Shakespearean acting class. So here, this post counts as an update and an entertainment recommendation.

My day starts too early tomorrow. I have not worked in eight months and now I have offered to wake at five A.M. to begin work at six. I do not miss this life and my brain is lockjam and scraping metal as it moves to figure out how to make the sabbatical last forever. If anyone is still reading this, you obviously love me enough to give me a grant of, oh, say, twenty t…