Saturday Night And Sunday Morning

I cannot say where we left off, dear reader, in respect to my orientation in the world and the progression following, but it would be entirely safe to guess that I was tired, overwhelmed, and perhaps a little melancholy, and that any progression at the time seemed wholly in the wrong direction. But that’s obvious, as you can see by the lack of activity here in the last month. I forget so easily that talent is not innate and certain, but separate and predisposed to neglect, like a foster child. My care has been judged deficient.

Back again, then, and hopefully this time for good, though probably not. But quickly, to recap:

Work goes well, I suppose. The turbulence seems to have resided, as New York enters wakefulness and fewer people want to spend their time inside a restaurant. I finally have a decent schedule, all promotions and training complete, and the water looks decidedly calm from here on out. (I have been vociferous lately in decrying superstition, but—dash it—let me knock on wood for that last bit.)

What a rough few months! The amount of things I have had to learn only to become a waiter borders on the obnoxious. I know the ingredients of every dish of a seasonal menu that has changed three times since I’ve started (without ever having tasted them, as I am vegan and at my three-star French restaurant, the food most definitely is not). I have had a crash course in wine, a lost decade’s worth of knowledge (the decade lost to teetotalism*) in a few weeks (and continuing in a weekly wine course and a totally memorized inconstant wine list).

*(I am still a teetotaler at heart. I drink wine now only to have a knowledge of the damned stuff, and I have yet to experience a drunkenness beyond a glass-and-a-half’s worth of buzz. We’ll see if I go back to teetotalism at the end of this. I’ll save that deliberation for a later post. I can say that it remains my belief that I want to experience my life with all my consciousness and control available, and that strikes a hard—though not impossible—balance with the vino.)

(And to my friend, who always pictured me as a beer drinker: I have tried some microbrews and specialty beers that were quite appealing. Lovely stuff. The trouble with not drinking is that all you’ve got left to drink is water, soda, and juice. I have moved beyond the sweet stuff and like the crisp and fruity dryness of beer and wine with food. But all later, in another post.)

I have had other things moving in my life in the last short while which have also stolen my attention from you and this journal. I mean to garden this year and have embarked upon that. I have also been looking into the stock market because I cannot shake the idea of France and financial freedom. But details all for a later post. I really only meant to check in here. The night speeds on, I work all of tomorrow, and I had hoped to fit in a movie before sleep.

Be well, kind reader.


Unknown said…
hey ry nice to hear from you
Unknown said…
that's coleenm
Unknown said…
that's coleenm
Coleen said…
I was expecting a little more, but I guess beggars can't be choosers. At least you are posting. Cough::janice::Cough

Coleen I
LoveMy2Guys said… your research, we need tips! the rate of our old online bank is garbage!!

i was telling leo today we need to put it in stocks.

I believe in trader joes
Anonymous said…
Welcome back, well a little intermission ,is great to hear.
In union square on wednesdays there is a wonderful organic gardener with herb plants called Silver Heights. Terrina is wonderfully full of knowledge. Also the real rare amazing herbs for cheap and organic can be ordered online at
There are pictures and great decriptions too
Been enjoying the pure plesures of gardening myself.
Anonymous said…
Oh and buy the way, I find it quite interesting that you comment about as we know you being a vegan but choose a "french restaurant" to work for. Trying to find the balance. Needing some part of France in your life...Feeding on the return..
Reilly Owens said…
Thanks for the comments and the continued interest. It makes it much harder to stay away. Absolutely I miss France and my life there, and both the restaurant and the garden are ways to recreate something I've lost. (The garden because I was surrounded by great produce in France and I only have supermarkets around me now.) I've been watching a ton of French movies as well. I'm an unapologetic Francophile.

And by the way, who are you who posted two comments here without identifying yourself? Are you known to me?
Anonymous said…
Hello Reilly.
Yes I do know you. Lets say that it is better that you have someone anonymous to keep the honesty attached. Plus it is fun this way. Bet anyways you cannot guess in 5 tries. I can give you hints but nope not today. Its not the first time I have written in your blog. It is going to be a month soon so I am waiting with the others for a new chapter. Please no empty calories stuff, we know you can do the real deal...You have alot of birthdays coming up around the corner including yourself. Why didn't you write about yourself last year on your birthday meaning who you have become, lessons you achieved, feeling that you have unexpectively become within that you are now willingly admitting to yourself that needs to change or maybe have changed. Go deep and view yourself in great ways. You had such dept with your family for their birthdays and it was heartful and the writting grasp me. I do know that the blog is basically about you and your quests of reality of life with some fiction and non- fiction. I am waiting again to hear or aka read the core of you and why it makes you want to write. Push those boundaries when you need to... Peace
Anonymous said…
Hello. Putting out ad for one missing writter Reilly. Please do speak. Where are you...It has been 2 months. Enjoying birthdays, working on any writing? Getting to know a new significant other? Do tell.

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