I am not dead. I am not even as miserable or depressed as my last post may have suggested. I am merely deflated. And I am exhausted, as exhausted as one can be without accomplishing anything.

I have taken on a lot of projects and I mean to complete one or two of them. Of course, they are all undertakings without end, and I cannot say when I will not feel the way I currently feel. I am overwhelmed, and the way I deal with it is by playing Tetris and watching TV.

The format of this blog will change. It has changed for all the time I’ve had it—there is no format. But I will be contributing looser items, fewer articles that require a lot of research or time. I need to manage my time, and for the moment, I cannot dedicate as much of my life as I have to this venture.

This is not that post that comes in the life of every blog—the one saying it is too much work and there is too little motivation, whether it be readership or financial rewards. I do enjoy writing here and will continue. I see that it has helped me greatly. I think, though, that for the moment I must take care of other things.

I must learn to speak in this devil tongue. I have lived here nearly five months and my French is meager. I have received my textbooks from America and I think I will have to dedicate at least two hours a day to study.

I must also focus on writing fiction. Writing is writing, I think, but it is not always storytelling, which is what I want to learn. That is another three hours I will lose each day. Perhaps I will post fiction here in the future. I will consider it.

I have other tasks in mind, and I must also keep up a daily regimen of exercise, cookery, romance, reading, and Buffy The Vampire Slayer. Some days I feel like giving it all up for lost and declaring that I will pick it up again tomorrow. Those are dangerous days, and I have had too many of them.

This blog is a priority. I am thankful for all my readers and I will do my best to update frequently with quality material. We’re just going to be on friendlier terms for awhile.


Coleen said…
glad you are not depressed, i will clear things up with mom then
MOM was worried you were depressed. Glad you are not.

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